Michaela Rai

Visual story telling for the honest at heart.


When you know who you are and what you stand for, people can’t help but listen.


Are you consistently attracted to different ideas for your branding? Do you often question what you’re doing or why you are doing it? Do your headshots and visuals reflect you as you really are or an image of who you want to be? If any of the above questions resonate with you, we should meet!

Let’s sit down over coffee, local beer or kombucha (I’m a hippy like that) and really talk about who you are and what makes you live life. What brings you light? Let’s tell a story that your clients can understand deeply and that draws them in. I want to help you build lasting relationships, a brand that resonates and the ability to sustain a life you love. Because when you know who you are and what you stand for, people can’t help but listen. When you fill yourself with love and light you WILL carry it wherever you go. And who doesn’t want to be in that business?

Branding Sessions involve a 1.5 hour intensive “get to know each other” meeting, an Identity Board reveal and comments session and a final meeting to go over your finalized Identity Board and any other assets we may have worked on together. Your Identity Board is a hand designed document that condenses your brand down to inspiration photos, your brand colors, a description of your consistent visual aesthetic, and most importantly your vision and mission statements.

Other assets built off of the Identity Board may include:

A basic Social Media Handbook customized for your brand including key phrases, storytelling elements and hashtags to get you started.

A styled branding shoot to give you a gallery of photos that reflect your brand aesthetic for use on your social media and website.

Gorgeous individualized lifestyle headshots to help your clients put a face to the name.

INVESTMENT: Please contact [email protected] for current pricing and booking!


Would you rather be perfect or fearless?


We’ve all heard the quote “Comparison is the thief of joy,” and we know (or should know) that we are beautiful and wonderful humans, but we don’t always feel it. When you book your boudoir session with me, I want you to remember this: You are so loved.

These sessions are for women by women.

They are for LOVE and not for hate (from ourselves or anyone else.)

They are for embracing the REAL lives we are living in our REAL bodies.

They are for throwing off expectations, from society, others and ourselves.

And they are for looking amazing and feeling amazing while doing it.

I want you to have more fun than you imagined and feel more incredible in your body than you ever have before. I want you to feel brave AND beautiful.

You can view more of my work, cheer other women on and maybe share your own session one day in my private women-only Facebook group.

All MICHAELA RAI boudoir session experiences begin with an online questionnaire and a phone call, Skype call or in person meeting (depending on your package) to get to know each other, talk about your reasons for choosing a boudoir session as part of your confidence and acceptance practice and discuss styling. We’ll schedule your session and exchange a few final thoughts about styling/logistics over email. I’ll also send you a pep talk email one week before your session.

When the day arrives we’ll start with onsite hair and makeup by my hand-picked hair and makeup artist to highlight your natural beauty (NO disguising here). Cue your favorite music in the background while I show you exactly how to move your body in a way that’s comfortable for you, physically, mentally and emotionally. Four weeks later, you’ll receive your gorgeous deep matte prints and your digital files on a custom wooden USB in a leather envelope, dark walnut wooden keepsake box or other gorgeous packaging (depending on your selected package).

Boudoir Destination Mini Dates

These boudoir events are sessions all held on the same day with limited spots and all the experience.

They are held a few times a year at incredible local destinations like bed & breakfasts, vacation rentals, etc. Each event's session fee is determined by location and schedule (i.e. length of shooting time), as well as other factors. Stay tuned to the private boudoir group, Michaela Rai Facebook Page and @michaelarai on Instagram for date announcements!

The experience includes the hands on prep experience and on site hair and makeup artist mentioned above as well as the following:

  • Chocolate + Refreshments
  • 30-45 minutes of shooting (depending on location and schedule)
  • (15) 4x6 matte fine art prints + a wooden USB with your full set of digital images wrapped in a gorgeous leather envelope.


In-Home Boudoir Sessions

This is a comfortable, intimate session designed for the woman who is ready to celebrate life in the body she's living in. It is for the woman who, if nothing else, is ready to give up comparison and feeling bad about her body. This is not for when you lose 10 pounds, or after you grow your hair to the perfect length or when you tone your butt more. It's for now -- it's for life -- it's for the ultimate celebration of acceptance. It's for you to embrace how far your body has gotten you and where it will take you still. This session is perfect for you if you enjoy the comfort of your own home, you love the look of your home and you want to lounge around drinking coffee while looking gorg.

Your session includes the same hands on prep experience and on site hair and makeup as all MICHAELA RAI boudoir session as well as the following:

  • 1 hour in home photography session with Michaela Rai Lemke (we’ll do some extra planning to ensure your session will showcase you and your home in the best light (literally)).
  • Convenient access to online gallery for ordering prints, albums and making favorite lists.
  • Dark Walnut Wooden Keepsake Box containing:
  • A wooden USB of all your hand-edited digital images
  • A selection of (25) 4x6 fine art prints (of your selection)

EXPERIENCE INVESTMENT: Please contact [email protected] for current pricing and booking!

The Complete Boudoir Experience

This session is the complete luxurious experience designed for every woman. These boudoir sessions have never been about creating “sexy photos”, but are about being able to truly SEE yourself. In all your bravery and all your beauty. Without judgement or fear.

This session might be just one step in your acceptance practice. It might be a enormous beautiful gift you give yourself. This experience may not transform your body image and/or self image but it might be a step in the right direction. Maybe you’re in the early (or later) stages of being postpartum. Maybe you’re celebrating a healthy step forward. Maybe you’re killing it right now, marking a special occasion or going through a tough time of life. This session is a perfect celebration of who you are right now. It is for the life you’re living in the body that’s gotten you this far. And finally, it’s not for everyone and that’s okay. No justification needed. Period.

Your complete experience includes:

  • A questionnaire to help me understand your reasons for choosing a boudoir session as well as your style and preferences.
  • An in person meeting to dig deep and spend some time discussing what this process means to you and finalize your styling choices.
  • Hair + Makeup by a stylist on location
  • 1 hour photography session with Michaela Rai Lemke
  • Chocolate + Refreshments
  • Gorgeous studio location with beautiful natural light
  • Convenient access to online gallery for ordering prints, albums and making favorite lists.
  • Dark Walnut Wooden Keepsake Box containing:

    • A USB of all your hand-edited digital images
    • A selection of (20) 4x6 fine art prints (of your selection)
  • A hand-designed (20 page - 10 spread) album of your images, including linen cover and lay flat Mohawk eggshell paper (additional pages available for purchase)
  • A gorgeous 20 x 30" ready to hang canvas of your favorite image.

EXPERIENCE INVESTMENT: Please contact [email protected] for current pricing and booking!


"...You are my sun, my moon, and all my stars." - E.E. Cummings


If real is important to you.

If keeping the day true to you so you can truly relax and celebrate is your goal.

If planning a wedding low on tasks and high on life is your vibe.

If you want to dance together under a million stars.

If you maybe want to hike/boat/other non traditional activity here.

We might be a good fit.

This day, of all days, is one to remember. You have found your great love. A love without limits. Full of comfort and peace. The person you can enjoy spending extended amounts of time with before you get tired of them. Whose habits you’ve agreed to put up with for a long time. Someone for whom you’ve set aside fear. The person who you want to experience the rest of life with.

No matter what happens (or doesn’t) on this coming day, if you leave as official life partners, you accomplished what you came to do.

If you choose me as your wedding photographer, I promise to capture all the special moments on this day of great love. If you choose me to document your day, I'm there to capture the tear in your best friend's eye, the laugh your partner shares with their brother, and that stolen kiss when no one (finally) is looking at the two of you. I'm here so you can relive the moments that truly make this day a celebration of love (and I promise to get the official important parts and pretty details too). I believe that rings, vows and weddings are personal, intimate iterations of the people they're a part of. They are tangible versions of the emotions and dedication we feel. And your wedding photography should capture that.

Wedding packages always include an in person or Skype meeting to talk face to face, make sure I’m the right person to document your day and get your basic details down. They also include 1-2 additional phone calls to update planning details along the way. (I used to be a wedding planner so I get timelines like peanut butter gets chocolate).

They also always include the following:

  • A Dark Walnut Wooden Keepsake Box containing:
  • A wooden USB of all your hand-edited digital images
  • A selection of (50) 4x6 fine art prints (of your selection)
  • (3) 8x10 prints
  • A hand-designed (20 page - 10 spread) album of your images, including linen cover and lay flat pages (additional pages available for purchase).
  • Convenient access to online gallery for ordering prints, albums and making favorite lists
  • Complimentary Engagement Session (at any location within 1 hour of Duluth) to help us get to know each other before the big day (if desired)

I believe your photos should be printed on beautiful paper, touched, looked at and loved, so no matter what package you choose, the above are always included.

Additional prints, album options and canvases are also available to invest in.


Investment: Beginning at 2250.00

Have a different idea in mind? Want to Elope? Interested in a Boudoir session? Let me know – I’m always open to discussing what best fits your day!

Birth Stories

To capture the indescribable.


There is no more indescribable moment than when your child is born. Whether they come quickly or slowly, at home or in a hospital, via vaginal or belly birth, this is their story. It’s also your story. Birth is a transformative journey that can fill you up, tear you apart and heal you in ways you didn’t know you needed. Those moments pass by faster than any others and documenting them may help you celebrate, process and savor the story of how your child arrived. It may be exciting to relive how the story unfolded. It might be incredibly empowering to see how you labored with your baby to arrive at that moment of birth. It may be healing to see the quiet beautiful moments amidst times you felt out of control. However your story unfolds, I’m there to capture it.

I have experience existing in the birthing space and will always support your wishes in every way possible. I meet with you in person before your birth to build our relationship and hear your hopes, fears and birth plan. I am comfortable working in your home (or other chosen space), a birth center or in a hospital and have experienced all three environments.

I believe that you should give birth wherever you feel the most safe.

I believe that you know your body and baby better than anyone.

I believe that oxytocin is your friend and that nothing should counteract your flow.

And above all, I believe that a woman giving birth, and the space surrounding her, is sacred.

Your Birth Story package includes:

  • An initial in-person meeting to make sure we're a good fit and to discuss your birth goals.
  • A secondary in-person, phone or Skype meeting after booking to discuss your hopes for your birth, what particular moments you wish to have documented and all the other logistical details.
  • I am available and on-call for your birth beginning at 38 weeks until 42 weeks with 60% of your total package value paid. I will always try my very best to attend your birth if it occurs before or after these dates, but take special measures during these dates (such as staying within an hour of town, giving your birth priority over other scheduled client sessions, etc.) to increase the likelihood I will be present for your birth. NOTE: 60% of package total must be paid for me to go on call.
  • Your birth documented from arrival at hospital, arrival of midwife or as soon as possible from notification of contractions being 4-5 minutes apart or 5-6 centimeters dilated. I understand that these measurements may not accurately reflect your body's progress. We will be in text contact and I may use my discretion in deciding to arrive earlier or later depending on your intuition and assessment of your own experience. (I always reserve the right to leave and return if you need space to rest and relax, while making sure to document as much or your story as possible).
  • One sneak peek image delivered within the week following your birth and all other images delivered when paid in full
  • All hand-edited digital files delivered through private password protected online gallery.
  • Convenient access to online gallery for downloading images, ordering prints, albums and making favorites lists.
  • Dark Walnut Wooden Keepsake Box containing:

    • A USB of all your hand-edited digital images
    • A selection of (25) 4x6 fine art prints (of your selection)

Birth photography is an investment and I would love for you to be able to hold as many of these beautiful moments in your hands as possible. That being said, the following are not included but are available to order:

A hand-designed 10x10 (20 page - 10 spread) album of your images, including linen cover and lay flat Mohawk eggshell paper (additional pages available for purchase)

Additional prints, canvases and albums are also available for purchase.

Investment: Sliding scale of 700.00-1300.00

Skin to Skin postpartum sessions and in home Lifestyle Newborn sessions may be added on to your Birth Story package at a discounted rate if booked together!

Skin to Skin

Raw - Real - Transformative


After the birth of my daughter via cesarean section, I had an incredibly hard time accepting my body and understanding the great and indescribable work it had just done. I asked my husband to take photos where I snuggled my daughter on my belly, on top of all the scars, where I had carried her. I have never looked at these photos without crying, but they've also brought healing. The photos show a tiny human snuggled up to her mama with no consciousness of the cruel thoughts and expectations that that body has been subjected to.

This session is designed to give you photos that show you what you cannot always see yourself: You are beautiful beyond compare and comparison will only steal your joy. Enjoy snuggles with your baby (and partner if desired) while I capture that real and so very raw time that is the postpartum.

Your Skin-to-Skin session is a completely custom experience that you design for the comfort of you and your baby. We can talk in the months before your birth and you can change it all the week of your session if it's not going to work for you and your baby. You want to wear makeup? You don't? You want a comfy robe and jammies? You want your black lace underwear and your sexiest nursing bra? What ever is the least stressful for you in this precious and sacred time is what you should do. This is not about perfection. This is about embracing the mess that is learning to love and care for a new person.

This session includes:

  • A get to know each other meeting: I want you to feel completely comfortable inviting me into that raw postpartum time. Depending on when you book (i.e. before or after your baby is born) we’ll do a phone call, an in person or Skype meeting.
  • 1 hour photography session with Michaela Rai Lemke
  • Outfit/session styling assistance (i.e. wear your comfiest bra and underwear and your favorite cozy sweater or absolutely whatever you feel most comfortable in)
  • Convenient access to online gallery for ordering prints, albums and making favorite lists
  • Dark Walnut Wooden Keepsake Box containing:

    • A USB of all your hand-edited digital images
    • A selection of (25) 4x6 fine art prints (of your selection)

Investment: 550.00




I'm here to document life as it really happens so that these precious moments won't just pass by unnoticed and forgotten. That someday, 25 years from now, you can look back on these photographs and say, "Yes, that was us right then, in that moment." Life is full of things happening and moving and flying by and when I document "intimate life" it means I'm there with you in the thick of it, stopping time. Thank you for trusting me to document these moments as they pass by. Lifestyle sessions may be documented in your home or other chosen space.

Investment: Beginning at 275.00


Hello, friend! My name is Michaela Rai Lemke. I live next to the largest, most beautiful freshwater lake in the world, but I was born in Washington and I miss the mountains every day. My logo is a nod to the idea that life is a mountain range and that its beauty is not in its perfection, but in its soaring peaks and deep valleys. I am a photographer because of those highs and lows. If we do not honestly document life's moments, we forget, or worse only remember the triumphs or only the hard times. Life would not BE without both.

I want to show you as you truly are and document the story as it really happened. I hope to bring a level of truth to my work that inspires honesty and leads to peace and acceptance, in your life, loves and businesses. This is why an olive branch is also part of the logo. If I can be a part of the cause for better acceptance of ourselves, as we were created to be, and of our lives, with their ups and downs, than I have done what I came here to do. I believe that peace awaits us in the acknowledgement of the struggle and in the pursuit of connection amidst a world of walls.

All of this means that:

This business was founded on the idea that honesty builds better relationships than pretending.

That people are more important than followers.

And that love will always win the day.

If this resonates with you at all, let's get in touch and talk about how we can work together.

All my love,

Michaela Rai Lemke